Access Your Insurance Documents and Digital Pink Slips Any Time


In recent months it has become obvious that there should be another method for our customers to get their paperwork and pink slips than through the mail. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a strain on the postal system and people have been a bit wary of even touching those letters in their mailbox.

With these types of issues coming to light, we thought it was time that we make it a little bit easier for our loyal customers to get access to their documents and digital pink slips (liability slips/e-slips).

If you are a personal lines customer of ours, you can get all of your policy documents (renewals, changes, billing notices, etc.) online through our Client Self Service Portal. Not only can you get your documents at any time, from any place, and from any device, but you can also download your digital pink slips anytime you want to.

How Do I Find the Portal?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find the portal. When you go to the our website, you can click on “Client Service“. This will bring you to the page where you can find where to get your documents or even request changes to your policy.

How Do I Log In?

To make access to your documents as easy as possible, we have made the login process as easy as we can. You simply provide the main email address that we have on file for you. You will receive an email with a pin number that will allow you to access your documents.

What if I You Don’t Have My Email Address?

If we don’t have your email address, you will have to provide it to us in order to access your documents online. You can call into our office and provide us with your email address. We will ask your questions to verify it is really you, and not someone trying to access your documents. Once we have updated your email address it will take approximately an hour for the system to refresh and include your documents.

Can I Give Another Person Access?

Yes. Once you have logged into the portal, you can click on your initial on the top right of the website. From there, you can add other users that you think should have access to your documents and digital pink slips.

Can I go Paperless Now?

This answer is a little harder. Different insurance companies give us different options regarding shutting off the paper mail. It is best to give us a call to see if your insurance company will allow the paperless option. Make sure that you check out our Client Self Service Portal and that it will work for your needs before requesting to shut off the paper option.

We hope that you will take the time to check out the Client Self Service Portal as we believe it will make your life just a little bit easier and in the future, we can hopefully save a few more trees together.