Reminder: Check Your Driver’s License Expiry Date


The Ontario government did away with paper renewal notices for driver’s licenses and health cards in 2022. As a result, we have seen more drivers get notices from their insurance companies telling them that they have an expired license than ever before. Why Did the Government Stop Paper Renewal Notices? The Ontario Government has stated that stopping the paper renewal… Read more »

What is a Co-Insurance Clause?


Co-insurance is a very important term when considering a new insurance policy. Most of the time you will encounter co-insurance on business policies, but it’s also possible to see co-insurance applied to personal insurance as well. Co-insurance is an often-misunderstood term and even some insurance professionals struggle with remembering the ins and outs of the clause. With this article we… Read more »

10 Surprising Home Insurance Coverages


When most people think about home insurance, they immediately think of insuring their home and contents from fire or water damage. The keener insurance minded people might also think of their liability insurance, but the truth is, your home insurance coverage most likely covers a lot more things than you were aware of. With that in mind, we have put… Read more »

Does Home Insurance Cover Landscaping?

Landscaping and insurance

It can take you years to get your landscaping just the way you want it. Not only is there a time investment, but there is also money invested into getting your property looking fantastic. With this in mind, insurance is there to help you financially recover from unexpected events and to get you back to where you were prior to… Read more »

Insuring Your Motor Home or Trailer (RV Insurance)

RV Insurance

Everyone likes to get away from the grind of daily life in their recreational vehicle or trailer. While the great outdoors can truly reinvigorate us, your vacation won’t be the same if you are worrying about your RV investment with every minor near miss. Knowing that your motor home or trailer is properly insured will give you that peace of… Read more »

Property in Storage Insurance Coverage

Property in Storage Coverage

There will most likely be a time in your life where you need to put some or all of your personal contents into a storage facility.  Everyone will have their own unique reasons as to why they need to temporarily put their belongings into storage, but the need to keep insurance coverage on your belongings will always be an important… Read more »

Solar Panels and Home Insurance in Ontario

Solar panels on roofs

Solar panels are becoming more common every day for residential homeowners. With the rising electricity costs, green initiatives, and lower costs, solar panels will only become more popular as time goes on. When it comes to your home, it’s not just important to know if your new solar panels will cause any damage to your roof, but it’s also important… Read more »

Common Missing Coverage on Home Insurance Policies

Common Missing Coverage on Home Insurance Policies

Home insurance policies don’t cover absolutely everything. The majority of home insurance policies are hopefully written on a comprehensive form that covers everything except what is specifically excluded, but you may not know about some of those exclusions. We have compiled a list of extra endorsements that you may want to consider adding to your existing policy. In addition to… Read more »

Water Leak Detection Alarms and Insurance

water leak

Everyone loves to save money on their home insurance, so we thought we would share how you could save money on your insurance and protect your home from damage at the same time. Quite a few insurance companies now offer discounts if you have a water leak detection alarm installed in your home or condo. Keep reading to find out… Read more »