Digital Pink Slips (Liability Slips)

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Auto insurance policy holders in Ontario, Canada can now use digital pink slips (liability slips) for their proof of insurance. If you are unaware of what a pink slip is by that name, it is that little pink piece of paper that your insurance company or broker provides you every year that shows your policy and vehicle information.

A pink slip is proof that you have a current auto insurance policy. It is illegal to drive a vehicle on the roads in Ontario, Canada without car insurance for that vehicle. If you are to be pulled over by a police officer, you need to be able to prove that you have current insurance on your vehicles. If you cannot prove that you have current insurance on your vehicle, you will most likely get a ticket for failure to provide proof of insurance.

Having to switch out the pink slip every year is one action that some people forget to do. Thankfully the FSRA of Ontario has approved the electronic insurance card (eSlip). This will allow you to keep a copy of your digital pink slip (eSlip) on your smartphone for whenever you need it.

What Are the Benefits to Having an eSlip?

  • Offline access (you don’t need data)
    • You don’t need data on your phone if you have received the eSlip over wireless internet. You also must have a working phone, as officers will not accept that your phone isn’t working if they ask to see your proof of insurance.
  • It’s Paperless
  • It’s Free
  • No usernames or passwords
  • Privacy
    • You can lock your phone while displaying the eSlip to anyone.
  • Easily share with others
    • If you have other drivers in the household, you can easily share the eSlip to their digital wallets in their phones.
  • With you everywhere
    • There is a good chance that you keep your smartphone on you everywhere you go. Now that you have eSlips, you are also keeping your proof of insurance on you everywhere you go.

Can I Still Use the Paper Pink Slip?

Absolutely! You do not need to switch to an eSlip. You can even have both to make sure you always have your proof of insurance.

How do I Get an eSlip?

Step 1: Contact us by phone, email, or request an eSlip online.

Step 2: Open your email and click on the button to download your auto insurance cards to your smartphone’s digital wallet.

Step 3: Protect your privacy by locking your smartphone when displaying your auto insurance card. You can find detailed instructions at

What is a Digital Wallet?

A mobile digital wallet is available for all smartphones and serve as an electronic version of a physical wallet. You can store things like digital gift cards, reward cards, or eSlips. You can find digital wallets for both Apple and Android at