We’re at it again…


InsureMyTools.ca | Insurance specialized for contractors and trades.

Just because we’re a 100 year old company, doesn’t mean we can’t innovate.  With this in mind, we’ve launched a sister company that focuses on insurance for Contractors and Trades and we wanted to be sure our long time valued clients knew.

Contractors and Tradespeople are integral to our society.  They build our homes and businesses.  They create and maintain the infrastructure that allows our economy to continue to grow.  They also have unique needs when it comes to insurance.

At Elliott Insurance Services, we have always enjoyed working with Contractors and the Trades.  We recently realized that we had a better than average insurance policy for Contractors and Tradespeople.  We also realized that the price was less than most of our competitors.  Better coverage and lower cost means we have been able to help insure more and more contractors which gave us an idea – why not open a sister company which focuses solely on the unique needs of contractors across Ontario.  With this idea, InsureMyTools.ca was born – an online insurance brokerage which focuses solely on insurance for contractors and trades.  Proper insurance at a proper price, which can be set up quickly with a phone call and an email.

If you are, or know anyone who is a contractor or trade person, check out www.insuremytools.ca.  As always, thank you for supporting us.  We are looking forward to working together for the next 100 years.