Does Home Insurance Cover Landscaping?

Landscaping and insurance

It can take you years to get your landscaping just the way you want it. Not only is there a time investment, but there is also money invested into getting your property looking fantastic.

With this in mind, insurance is there to help you financially recover from unexpected events and to get you back to where you were prior to the loss. With the amount of money, you have put into your property, shrubs, and plants, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to look to your insurance policy in the event of a loss.

Is Landscaping Covered by Home Insurance?

Every insurance policy is different, and you should always double check with your broker regarding your specific policy. Generally, home insurance policies have built in coverage that will pay to replace certain types of landscaping in the event of a covered loss.

What Types of Landscaping Would be Covered?

Typical home insurance policies will outline the types of landscaping items that would be covered in a loss. These are usually:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Plants

Some companies may also offer coverage for items such as:

  • Landscaping rocks, ponds, and patios
  • Professional garden design fees

What Is a Covered Loss?

A covered loss is a loss that is either explicitly included, or not explicitly excluded in your insurance policies wordings depending on your coverage form type. This topic can get complicated, so it is best to have your broker double check your specific policy to ensure you’re getting the coverage you think you are.

Examples of covered losses would be:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Losses that are caused by incorrectly caring for the items, draught, snow, or wind will most likely not be covered.

The Wrap Up

Hopefully you have learned something new about insurance after reading this article. If you don’t currently have a broker to explain your coverage to you, please contact us to get a no obligation quote on your home insurance today.