Winter is Coming – Classic Car Edition


Classic Car in Snow

With winter starting to tease its arrival this year, we are revisiting our “Winter is Coming” series of blog posts.  If you missed any of our previous posts about getting ready for winter, you can find them all here.

When winter is approaching in Canada, everyone will be scrambling to protect their high value assets like their cars, homes, and boats.  Classic cars need a little more care then your daily driver when prepping for winter.

One of the most important skills for an insurance broker to possess is the ability to know when their knowledge is not as in depth as others in certain areas.  Hagerty Insurance specializes in classic cars and will know a lot more about winterizing classic cars than your average broker.   For this reason, we are suggesting that our readers take a look at the article that Hagerty Insurance has on their website. This article shows their level of expertise in winterizing classics, but also their love of vintage cars.

Please check out their article here (