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Whether you are a start up, contractor, small business owner, or a large corporation, we have the ability to insure almost any type of business currently operating in Ontario. Your business is important to you, and having it insured properly is important to us.

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If you own a business, you may also rely on it for your livelihood. Getting the right insurance to cover your business where it is vulnerable and to help the recovery process when you are down is critical in today's market place. Business insurance should be the foundation not only in your business recovery plans, but also in your day to day activities.

Every business faces risks. Our qualified and skilled commercial insurance brokers will work with you in developing a policy that protects your specific business. Commercial insurance is not a one size fits all package. It is important that your business is covered for the exposures it faces everyday.

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

CGL insurance can protect you when your business is found legally liable. No one thinks that this could happen to them or their business, but a quick scan of news reports will show you that it happens often. Some types of liability exposures include Premises and Operations Liability, Products Liability, Complete Operations Liability, Personal Injury Liability, and many others.

Having the right insurance broker is very important in the business world. It could mean the difference between the business you operate and the business you used to operate.

Commercial Property Coverage

Whether you own, rent, or lease your business space, we have a coverage for you. Property coverage may include insurance for your building, contents, stock, tools or equipment. There are many packages available offering different types and limits of coverage. Let us walk you through which coverage would suit your needs.

Commercial Auto Coverage

It is not uncommon for businesses to try to use their own personal vehicles and personal auto insurance for their business needs. Unfortunately, most personal auto insurance policies will exclude business use and will not cover you for all aspects of your daily use. Don't get caught uninsured without even knowing it. Let us examine your auto use and find the best policy to fit your needs.

Commercial auto insurance covers damage to, or claims arising from operation of your commercial autos. Whether you make deliveries, haul, tow, visit clients, or pick up your stock with your vehicle, we have a coverage for you.

Types of Commercial Coverages Available

Contractors Packages

Contractors Insurance Packages

Built for those involved in commercial or residential construction and renovations. The Contractors Packages will usually supply you with coverages such as:

  • Business Contents
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Installation Coverage
  • Tools
  • Machinery and Equipment

Contractors packages can be customized to fit your needs. There are several additional coverage options to build the perfect insurance package for you:

  • Business Income - Profits
  • Crane Liability
  • Contract Penalty Coverage
  • Machinery and Equipment - Loss of Use
  • Property off Premises and in Transit

Read More about contractor insurance packages on our blog or contact us to help you tailor a contractors package specific to your needs.

Startup Businesses

Startup Business Insurance Packages

Starting your own business is a little scary. You know your field, and you know the how and the why your business will work. We know the insurance that will help protect you and your business as it grows. Our experienced commercial brokers can help you find the exposures your business will face and to make sure your business will be covered for now and the foreseeable future.

Contact us to start protecting your new business adventure.

Cyber Insurance

The simple fact is that most commercial insurance policies either exclude cyber events or offer a built in cyber coverage that only offers you a help line if you have had a cyber event.

Cyber Insurance Liability Packages

If you keep any customers personal information, employees information, transactions, or hold any important data on your computers that a hacker could use, you may want to consider purchasing Cyber Insurance to protect your company.

Examples of third and first party coverage on the majority of stand alone cyber insurance policies:

  • Notifying clients that their information has been exposed and the legal expenses to determine notification requirements.
  • Purchasing a credit monitoring service for the affected customers of a data breach.
  • Starting a public relations campaign to manage the companies public image after your breach.
  • Business interruption coverage to offset the cost of the lost income due to a covered loss.

Contact us to find out how cyber insurance can help protect and recover your business after a cyber event or Click Here to find out more about cyber insurance.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions)

If your business opens you or your employees to be sued due to the advice or professional services supplied, then you need the right professional liability insurance (E&O) to protect yourself against claims related to your delivery of professional services.

E&O Insurance

Your commercial general liability (CGL) does not cover your business for all liability exposures. The Professional Liability coverage is designed to protect professionals ranging from attorneys to real estate brokers. This coverage is put in place in the case that there has been an error or an omission by your business while performing it's services to it's clients.

Contact us to start the process of getting your Professional Liability insurance quote today.

Directors and Officers

Directors and officers have an obligation to uphold to a high standard while overseeing the management of the organization they serve.

D&O Insurance

Today, more than ever, individuals serving on boards of directors are being held accountable for the actions and inactions of the businesses they oversee. The decisions and the actions of people overseeing management can have long reaching consequences for the business, but also for the individuals on the board.

Directors and officers liability (D&O) provides coverage for defence costs and damages arising out of lawsuits brought against an organization’s board of directors and/or officers.

Contact us to find out if you should have Directors and Officer Liability coverage for yourself.

Industry Specific Package Policies

Industry Specific Insurance Packages

Every business is different, but there are similar industries in the business world. Insurance companies have started offering customizable packages that are specific to certain industries. Depending on the industry, packages may cover:

  • Commercial Property
  • Business Contents & Stock
  • Business Liability

We offer a variety of commercial insurance packages in a wide range of industries. Examples of industries with packages available today:

  • Realty - Building Owners and Property Managers
  • Professionals - Funeral Directors, Veterinarians, etc
  • Office Packages - Accountants
  • Retail Packages
  • Wholesale Packages - Wholesalers and Manufacturers
  • Salon Packages - Barber Shops, Salons, and Day Spas
  • Builders Risk Packages - New Construction, Extensive Renovations, etc.

Contact us to help you tailor an insurance package specific to your needs.

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