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Tenants Insurance

It is important to protect the people you love and the things you cherish. The ability to obtain coverage that has been tweaked to your needs and that is affordable has never been easier and we are here to help you pick coverage most suited for you.

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Liability Insurance

Your tenants insurance coverage includes Personal Liability coverage at an amount that you choose. Liability coverage protects you in the event that a third party takes legal action against you. Most people realize this covers them if a guest hurts themselves on your property and sues you, but people are often surprised to realize that some policies will offer liability coverage that protects you from liability claims occurring anywhere in the world. Liability protection for the whole family isn't just a good idea, it's critical to have even if you are a renter.

People will often consider their liability exposure to be too small to warrant purchasing tenants insurance for their rented dwelling, but the truth is that you are opened to a lot of liability exposures by just being a renter. If you cause a fire or damage to the property you are renting, the building owner or their insurance company could try to recoup their lost funds from the person responsible for creating the loss. Mistakes happen and we have all left a stove burner on or maybe left a hair straightener plugged in. If these forgetful moments were to cause a fire, even by accident, you could be held liabile for the damage caused. If you do not have insurance coverage, you will be stuck with a rather large bill and very few options. Make sure you family is protected and live with a little less worries by obtaining coverage today.

Contents Coverage

We all work hard to earn the money we have in order to purchase the things we want and need. Replacing your furniture, clothes, entertainment devices, or what ever else you may have would be very costly to do at once. No one would want to start over, but having coverage for your contents could make that process significantly easier. Policies can be tailored to pay the value of your contents, or to pay for new contents to replace your old damaged contents.

More Reasons

Often the minimal cost of tenants insurance can be offset by discounts for having a multi-policy discount on your auto insurance. Tentants packages are not very expensive and can be as low as $25 a month. If you get a discount on your auto policy for having the policies with the same insurance company, it could work out that the savings are almost as much as the entire tenants package.

Having an insurance history is very important to the insurance companies when they consider offering you home insurance. Having a tenants package while you are renting will build an insurance history for home insurance if you do decide to buy a home in the future. Some insurance companies will not offer their best house insurance packages to people who have never had prior home insurance, but they do consider tenants insurance as prior home insurance. Start building your insurance history now in order to save later.

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