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Commercial Fleet Insurance

If your company currently owns 5 or more vehicles, you may want to consider commercial fleet insurance. Fleet insurance is very similar to everyday commercial auto insurance, but it is made especially with companies who have multiple vehicles and multiple drivers in mind. If this sounds like your company, then you have come to the right place.

Not only can fleet insurance save you money on your commercial auto insurance, but it can make your life a lot easier in terms of your company's auto insurance. Fleet insurance was made for companies just like yours, so your company wouldn't need to be squeezed into a policy that it isn't suited for.

Fleet insurance is not just for delivery companies, or big corporations. You can harness the savings and easier to deal with policies if your company has 5 or more vehicles registered in its name and if you have multiple drivers.

You may be surprised at exactly how much a commercial fleet insurance policy is depending on the usage of the vehicles, but it could be a lot cheaper than you expected. Fleet policies will make it easier for you to manage your company's auto insurance policy. Get your quote today.

Highlighted Available Coverages

Third-party Liability

Third-party liability coverage protects you if you’re responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone’s property.

Collision Coverage

Covers damage when a described automobile is involved in a collision with another object/vehicle or tips over

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers a described automobile against loss or damage other than those covered by Collision or Upset, including perils listed under Specified Perils. For example, this would cover you for damage to your auto caused by fire, theft, windstorm or hail, falling or flying objects, and vandalism.

Fleet Coverage For Loss of Use (rental vehicle)

If you are involved in a collision, you may need access to a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Fleet Depreciation Deduction Removal

If you have purchased a new vehicle for the company, you will want this endorsement. This endorsement effectively removes depreciation, meaning that in the event of a total loss you will receive either a payout exactly to what you paid for the auto new, or the insurance company will replace your auto with a new vehicle same make and model. This optional endorsement varies by insurer and has time limits, so be sure to contact us for details or to add this to your policy.

Fleet Liability for Non-Owned Vehicles

This coverage is for the event that you or your employees damage a vehicle that is not owned by the business. Examples would be a borrowed vehicle or a rental vehicle.

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