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Elliott Insurance Services History

4 Generations of the Elliott Family

Elliott Insurance Services was first established in 1919 by a local entrepreneur John Ashley Richard Elliott. Located in a small office at 7 Queen Street, insurance was a side project for J.A.R Elliott who operated various businesses in Port Hope Ontario, including farming, real estate, and acting as land registrar for the area.

By the mid 1940’s business was booming and insurance required all of Mr. Elliott’s time. At this time, Mr. Elliott’s son Ross W. Elliott returned to home from the Second World War working in the area as a mechanic and butcher. Upon the passing of JAR Elliott In 1948, Ross purchased Elliott Insurance Services, becoming the second generation to operate the thriving local business.

For over 30 years, the little insurance business was Ross’ main livelihood, but in 1978 he decided it was time to retire. Seeing opportunity and a challenge, Peter left his job with an architectural firm in Toronto to return to the area with his wife Diane and become the third generation to operate Elliott Insurance.

Peter and Diane bought the business in 1978 and it quickly exceeded their expectations. By 1981, they purchased 27 Queen Street and moved the office to accommodate their growing staff and customers, which were expanding across Ontario.

In 2005, Peter began thinking about the future of the office and its clients. Wanting to ensure the same local service continued into the future, Peter approached his son Dave who was working in Halifax for a large international bank. Dave was also interested in the challenge and left his job to return to the family business. In 2010, Dave purchased the brokerage becoming the 4th generation to operate Elliott Insurance Services.

The past 100 years have brought many changes to Elliott Insurance Services, but the client centered focus has always remained. Since 1919, Elliott Insurance has taken pride in representing established Canadian insurance companies which provide consistent underwriting and claims service to satisfy our clients insurance needs