Broker meeting about insurance

The Broker Advantage

Brokers are not Agents

Brokers are Highly Skilled Professionals

Elliott Insurance Services is proud to be an independent Insurance Broker working for you. Our office represents several different insurance companies and will obtain numerous quotes ensuring the best coverage at a competitive premium. We are focused on helping you make an informed decision.

The success of our brokerage relies solely upon satisfying your insurance needs. It is always in our best interest to continually provide you with prompt and personal service whenever you are purchasing or updating your insurance. If you are ever caught in the unfortunate circumstance of having to make a claim, we will always be by your side. We will do our best to assist you quickly and to make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company.

You can learn a lot more about brokers, your consumer rights, commission amounts, and how brokers operate by reading the following documents or webpages: