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10 Surprising Home Insurance Coverages


When most people think about home insurance, they immediately think of insuring their home and contents from fire or water damage. The keener insurance minded people might also think of their liability insurance, but the truth is, your home insurance coverage most likely covers a lot more things than you were aware of. With that in mind, we have put… Read more »

Common Missing Coverage on Home Insurance Policies

Common Missing Coverage on Home Insurance Policies

Home insurance policies don’t cover absolutely everything. The majority of home insurance policies are hopefully written on a comprehensive form that covers everything except what is specifically excluded, but you may not know about some of those exclusions. We have compiled a list of extra endorsements that you may want to consider adding to your existing policy. In addition to… Read more »

Water Lines, Sewer Lines, and Service Line Warranties Canada…

Service Line Coverage

It’s time to talk about Water and Sewer Lines. This is one area of our home that we take for granted. Updates to heating, your roof, gardens and the interior of your home are always on our minds. However, the water and sewer lines underground are often forgotten. Yet, when these lines aren’t working properly, it can cause major headaches. With all… Read more »