The #1 Tip for a Stress Free Wedding


You are recently engaged and have begun planning your perfect wedding. You are deciding on everything from the venue, the catering, the decorations and the guest list. You are able to imagine how one of the most important days in the world will unfold. One thing you might be forgetting however is an insurance package to protect you in case the big day does not go exactly as planned.

The cost of a wedding today can be as much as a new car or even a down payment on a house.  When you have that much money invested on such an important day, it can be a stressful time.  Thankfully there are insurance packages that can alleviate some of the stress during these special moments. There are a wide range of coverage options for your wedding.  Some packages will even insure honeymoon cancellation, reimbursement of deposits in the event the wedding is unexpectedly cancelled, loss or damage to wedding rings, or even coverage if wedding presents are damaged or stolen.  Packages are also available for commercial general liability and/or party alcohol liability.

One of the most cherished things about your wedding will be your photos.  You have taken the time to look your best and your photos will remind you of your special day. Have you considered what you would do if your photos could not be reproduced?  Insurance companies have realized how critical your photos will be to your big day and now offer packages which cover the extra expenses for your photos if they cannot be reproduced for any reason.  The coverage is also there for the extra expenses if your photographer does not show up at the wedding.

Choosing the right insurance package for your wedding can make the planning a little easier, knowing you have coverage in case somethings goes wrong.  We like to think that our wedding day is going to run smoothly. It is comforting to know that purchasing an insurance package will provide coverage in the unfortunate event that you are responsible for damaged property, your gifts have been damaged, or you have been sued over an incident at the rehearsal dinner, ceremony or reception.

When considering the insurance package that is right for you, do not forget coverage for other related events.  You may need liability coverage for a Jack and Jill, rehearsal dinner and possibly even your gift opening party.  Due to the wide range of coverage options, it is always suggested that you call your broker to have them work with you to find the best coverage for your wedding.  All weddings are unique in their own ways, and your local broker can make sure your wedding insurance package suits your needs.  If you do not have a broker currently, you can contact us here and we will try our best to make sure your big day is a little less stressful.

Bride and Groom

Ensure your wedding day is insured for a less stressful big day.